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Welcome to Windward Technology's Cruise Ship Captain home page.  
A free upgrade to 4.4.6 (aPRIL 2017) is available for download. 
Windows 8 compatibility confirmed for version 4.4, 1 Dec, 2012 
If your machine cannot find mscomctl.ocx or your Help files no longer appear after touching the F1 key please install our latest version. We apologize for the inconvenience. Windows keeps changing the rules. 
NEW as of Oct, 2016, version 4.4.5 update is available! If you already own Cruise Ship Captain, you can download an update to version 4.4 for free! It has many improvements such as new harbors, a new Maximum Realism mode and Open Sea steering mode for the pod ship AND a new vessel, the ship's Tender. It is fully Vista and 7 compatible. 
4.4.6 corrects various problems and combines the simulator and the Time Trials game into a single program. 
Cruise Ship Captain is both a computer game and an educational cruise ship simulator that allows you to discover how to maneuver a major cruise ship into various harbors and test your skills. We invite you to view an introduction to Cruise Ship Captain and download a free trial copy, search for updates that you can download if you already own a copy of Cruise Ship Captain and stroll through a section on frequently asked questions and troubleshooting problems with the software. You might also want to check out the new  Captain of the Queens that simulates the famous Cunard liners, QV, QE, QE2, QM and QM2. 
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