BEAST Software
BEAST Data Preparation 
After event recording, the raw data can be subjected to a variety of logical treatments by Procedure TREAT. For example, two different event types can by "OR'd" together to form a new event that is on whenever either of the OR'd events are on. Other logical combinations include AND, NOT, EXCLUSIVE OR, and EXHAUSTIVE. These combinations form a powerful tool to maximize the information recorded and minimize the difficulty of event recording. 
A series of cards are created that are executed in sequence. Here, the first card creates 3 new AND events in the left column that are logical AND's of the events in the center and right columns. Event 2.07 is when the events 1_Rock and 2_Rock occur at the same time. (This is a scoring system for the Rock-Paper-Scissors tutorial game.) After all of the AND events are created, BEAST moves to the next card, in this case to create logical OR events. 
Some logical groups are intended especially for animal behavior. "SVO" or subject-verb-object allows you to create new events without event recording complications. Say key S is Susie, Key H it Hit, key J is Jack and key R is Robert. If Susie hits Robert, you just press S, then H then R. BEAST will create new events for all SVO combinations of the nouns, Susie, Jack and Robert and the verb Hit.