BEAST Software
BEAST Data Analysis 
All of the procedures start by choosing which events to include in the analysis and a variety of options such as a "minimum intra-bout gap" to define when several sequential occurrences of the same event should be lumped as one long event. You can also define a "subsession event" to instruct the program as to periods that it should include in the session such as "fish visible". Below is the setup for Basic Statistics on a single file from the tutorial. All intrabout gaps are set to zero (no lumping) and event 8.57 (fish visible and close to divider) as a subsession event. Most procedures also offer options for graphical presentation, statistical analysis and export of raw data such as interval lengths or diad tables. 
Prior to analysis you should create a Names file that will translate the event identification numbers used by BEAST to some easy to recognize names. The Names Editor makes this a simple chore. Below is the editor with a file used for a Rock-Paper-Scissors game tutorial. 
Note that only the first 6 events need to be recorded since all the rest are created by BEAST as logical combinations of the 6 basic "Weapons" played.