BEAST Software
Free Download of Student BEAST  
The student version is free. It lacks many of the powerful statistical techniques but allows event recording and basic analytical tools as used in Ethology courses at the University of Hawai'i. Click the link just below to download StudentBEASTsetup.exe. After saving it to your hard drive, double click it to install Student BEAST.  
The context-sensitive HELP file for the Student version contains all of the procedures and tests that are found in the Professional version and can serve as an introduction to the package prior to purchase of the Professional version intended for serious research efforts. Any data files created with the Student version are completely compatible with the Professional version. 
Differences between the Student and the Professional versions include: 
 Data preparation for students includes only AND, OR, Not and Change functions. Other Professional functions, NOT, SVO, XGrp, Diad, +ID and CUT are not available. 
 Data analysis procedures,  Single act sequence, Two act sequence, and Matrix analysis are not included and Multiple act sequence is restricted to Diad counts and not Markov chain models.