Captain of the Queens
Captain of the Queens- The Queen Elizabeth 2 
Cunard's classic ocean liner, the Queen Elizabeth 2, is the first ship in this simulation. She is leaving service but can soon be visited as a hotel in Dubai, UAE. The QE2 uses the classic ship design of twin, shaft-mounted propellers that are mounted in front, and to either side, of a single rudder. In general, the propellers drive the ship forward and in reverse and the rudder controls the direction. With forward thrust, the propellers increase the steering power of the rudder by driving water, albeit indirectly, over its surfaces to form a water jet to either side. The ship also has 3 bow thrusters to help turn the ship or push the ship sideways toward or away from the dock. You can steer the ship with the rudder or 2 tugboats that can be commanded to push or pull on the stern or bow. Using the propellers independently to turn the ship is not effective with QE2 since the propellers are too close to amidships. Since she lacks a stern thruster, you usually must use the tug boat to dock the ship. The rather weak bow thrusters often result in a need to use the bow tug boat as well. 
Her bridge controls (above) allow control of both propellers (blue arrows point to throttle handles), either linked to ensure that both are set exactly the same, or unlinked to allow a weak steering effect with independent propellers. The single rudder (red arrow) can be quickly shifted from left to right to amidships with the joystick indicated by the yellow arrow. the bow thruster control is set to zero in this screen shot and they will soon be disabled as the ship accelerates. Since the thrusters must pull water through a tunnel in the bow, they cannot function above 4-5 knots. The stern tug boat is not active. 
The lower half of the bridge window controls the simulation such as scale speed of the simulation from 1 - 20 times realistic speed (here set to 1) and the zoom control for the harbor and ship image. You control the wind or can set it to change at random. In place of the ship''s bow image, various messages are shown including the dreaded, "You have run aground!".