Captain of the Queens
Known Problems 
Captain of the Queens will run best on Windows 2,000, XP or Vista or 7 machines. It will run on most advanced Windows 98, SP2, machines with a Pentium 4 or better, so long as you use at least the 32 bit setting for color display. With Windows 98, your ability to zoom in on the harbor image is restricted. For Vista machines, you must have version 3.0V or later to view the help files. One person with a home made machine running a 64 bit Vista Ultimate was not able to run the simulator. 
If you have set your display to show larger letters by changing the DPI (dots per inch) setting to other than the "normal size (96DPI), the ship may never be visible. To correct this, right click your desktop and select Properties - Settings - Advanced and you will see a "DPI setting" selection box. Select "Normal 96DPI". 
With the introduction of version 3.1V, updated for Windows Vista, a few machines running XP will no longer display the help file when F1 is pressed. If this happens to youjust download the latest upgrade. 
If the animation is running slowly and in spurts, try unchecking the "allow animation" box in the bridge window. 
One downloadable version had a problem with "Restart" leading to program failure. This has been fixed as of 4 June, 2006. 
CQUpgrade3.exe that provides an update of 3.0 to 4.1 had a problem that was reported and corrected on 29 July, 2008. Some of the photos were not copying. 
A final problem was with a machine running 2 operating systems, Windows and OS2, and was unable to run the simulation. 
If you have a new problem, please describe it in an email at