Standard Cruise Ship 
This ship uses the classic ship design of twin, shaft-mounted propellers that are mounted in front of a pair of matching rudders. In general, the propellers drive the ship forward and in reverse and the rudders control the direction. With forward thrust, the propellers increase the steering power of the rudders by driving water over their surfaces to form a water jet to either side. You can steer the ship with either the rudders or the propellers and use the two in combination. The ship also has bow and stern thrusters to help turn the ship or push the ship sideways toward or away from the dock. 
The top half of the Bridge window controls the ship. The propeller pitch, forward or reverse, is set by the upper left throttle handles. Here both propellers have 88% forward pitch selected. The "link" box just below ensures that both propellers have exactly the same settings. You would uncheck this box to use the propellers independent of one another to turn the ship. The twin rudders in the above screen are set for a slow right turn. You would usually keep them linked to have exactly the same position. The bow thruster is pushing the bow to starboard at 64% of maximum thrust. The stern thruster is off. The ship is steering 49 degrees and travelling at 3.7 knots. Only 7 minutes and 22 seconds have elapsed since the start of the game.  
The lower half of the Bridge window controls the simulation environment. Scale speed is set to 9.5 that would make the simulation graphics move at 9.5 times the normal speed. Zoom is set to 1.0 and there is 23 knots of wind from the south. The picture of the ship at the lower right is, at times, replaced by a message including the dreaded "You have run aground!".