Frequently Asked Questions 
Will it run on a Mac with a Windows emulator? We have had 2 reports of users running the software on Mac's. We have NOT tested it but can offer you the information that users have sent us: 
"I run an I-Mac G5 with snow leopard. I installed parallels in order to run Windows 7 and found there to be no problem in using Captain of the Queens. Thank-you for a great game."  
"Your simulator runs fine. I have a Mac OSX, running windows XP through boot camp " 
Can I get an instruction manual? If you own Cruise Ship Captain, you already have one. Just press the "F1" key when the program is running and a familiar Windows help file/instruction manual will pop up. If it covers picture of the ship in version 1.01b, the program will think that the ship is aground. 
Can you introduce moving traffic into the simulation? This is now included in version 2.0 and can present quite a challenge.  
Can we have tugboats? Naaah. Real captains can get along without them. Besides, if you do crash you won't get fired and no real damage is done. Our other simulator, Captain of the Queens, DOES have tugboats available for use with the QE2 and the original Queen Mary. 
We need an overall score. Good idea! Version 2.0 integrates the time underway, time the crew spent finishing docking and a penalty for any damage to the ship. 
Can we change the starting speed for Cruise Ship Time Trials? For the Celebrity Summit passenger who suggested this, OK. Just type in a new speed before starting. 
How about designing our own ships? Not a bad idea.  We will play around with this idea. We should be able to allow you to change the performance characteristics of the ship, but not the graphics or basic features such as number of propellers.  You can also check out  "Captain of the Queens" for 5 new ships, the QV, QE, QE2, QM1 and the QM2.